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Assisting Children Struggling with Education

Schoolchildren in Georgia are falling behind. Recent statistics reveal that our state lags behind the national average in both the percentage of students who graduate high school and the percentage of high school graduates who receive a four year degree. Unfortunately, one area where Georgia exceeds the national average is in the number of high school dropouts.

The Billy Johnson Insurance Agency is launching a campaign to provide students in northern Georgia with improved access to educational resources and community mentorship.

Ambassadors for Equal Academic Opportunity

Billy Johnson Insurance Agency is proud to announce we have become a Regional Ambassador for the #AgentsofChange network in the greater Atlanta area. Our goals during this extended campaign will be to provide food and scholastic supplies to students from low income families, offer mentorship and leadership training opportunities for children in high school, and support local engagement programs that encourage children to stay in school.

For this campaign to succeed, we need your help.

Helping is Easy!

The best way to be part of this effort is to let us share information with your friends and family. When you refer someone in to the Billy Johnson Insurance Agency, we will provide them with details on this campaign as well as offer them a free insurance consultation. Afterward, we will make a contribution IN YOUR NAME to a local program or agency that works to improve outcomes for schoolkids in our area.

Working Together to Improve Education

Our agency is committed to ensuring all the children in our community have everything they need to take advantage of their academic opportunities, and by working together, we can reverse the downward trends in our educational system.


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Billy Johnson Insurance Agency

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