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Charlene Marie Photography

About Us

Hey there everyone! Here’s a snapshot about me and the part photography has played in my life…yes pun is completely intended right there.

Photography brings life and excitement to me.  Thinking back to some of the reasons why…. I watched my mom look at me a lot from behind her camera since I was  a kiddo and remember her loving it. I would sit for hours with photo albums open across my lap recalling all the moments that were captured on those pages. I’m such a visual person and looking at those photographs just brought back so many memories.  When my two amazing kids entered this world photography gave me the ability to freeze time as they grow up entirely too fast.  I’ve come to realize capturing those moments to remember forever is simply priceless.

Here’s where you and I come in…I love capturing those moments for others.  I encourage having as much fun as humanly possible! I know… picking out outfits, piling people in the car and making it to a destination on time without your hair and makeup melting can be a little stressful. The struggle is real.  Then,  if you add kiddos to the mix…yowza. But to me, the most amazing photographs are relaxed and candid. To achieve that I enjoy pulling  people out of their shells and watching the beauty of them and them in relationship with others blossom.  My focus for the most part are seniors, couples, family and children, but have done other types of sessions as well. I am always open to a new experience.


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Canton, GA

Phone: 662-538-8942