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Andy Goddard worked for 30 years in the electronics manufacturing business, founding and leading several companies, utilizing his entrepreneurial and management skills to build not only a team of dedicated employees, but also a loyal customer base that included companies like Motorola, Sony, Boeing, General Electric, Honeywell, NASA and Allied Signal.

Andy’s unique gifts allowed him to take complex technological processes and simplify them in order to train and educate others in carrying out the development and assembly of various pieces of equipment that would ultimately become integral parts of products in the aviation, music, telecommunications, health and other industries.

Radical Change to Life II

While Andy thrived on bringing new organizations and technology to life and had seen a great deal of success in the business world, his passion for the corporate life diminished, and his desire to reach out to others and achieve significance increased. He sought out opportunities, and was encouraged by a friend and life coach, Dave Jewitt to learn about mentoring others who had reached a crossroads in their lives. Andy participated in a series of programs, such as the Halftime Institute, the Tom Paterson Lifeplan, Your One Degree with Dave and Birkman International, Inc., becoming certified to counsel individuals and groups in personality assessment, team building, career management and conflict resolution.

Executive Transition Coach

Andy realized that God was directing him along a new path and has spent the past 10 years coaching others with a variety of personal and business backgrounds. He served as Director of Coaching for Bob Buford’s Halftime organization for a year before embarking on a solo venture as an executive transition and life coach. Andy’s aim is to help men and women discover and utilize their God-given gifts and passions. Employing a variety of methodologies, he works to enable individuals and groups to chart a career and personal path that will direct them toward a significant and purpose-filled life.

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