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About Us:

Deon & DeRon Ragland

Growing up in the Chicago-land area where Cheese and Caramel popcorn was a popular snack, we never thought we would one day own the largest popcorn shop that anyone had ever seen.

When the idea of a “popcorn shop” popped into our heads we already knew that popcorn was a big commodity in our home town, however the shops only offered a small number of flavors such as butter, cheese and caramel.

Although we resided in different states (Georgia and Illinois); we conducted research for both and found that there were over 2000 popcorn shops in the Illinois area and zero in Calhoun Georgia and the surrounding communities. With Deon residing in Calhoun for over five years already, we moved to put our plan in motion and introduce to Calhoun a popcorn experience they would not soon forget!

As we took ownership of our space and opened our first store, we prided ourselves on being not just an ordinary popcorn shop, but a “gourmet popcorn shop” offering over 100 different flavors of popcorn.   We were welcomed with open arms by the whole community, the chamber's of commerce, passer by's and visitors.  After you taste your first bite you’ll enjoy and appreciate the great taste of gourmet popcorn made with real ingredients.

We learned that there is a lot to perfecting this trade through ideas shared by one of the #1 popcorn experts who has been in the industry for over 25 years and through our own experiences.  The process of making one tub of popcorn –cooking, cooling and coating – is quite labor intensive and takes from 50-180 minutes yet because of our dedication and love for it, we do it!

We have both overcome some obstacles in our lives, but none that kept us down.  Once we learned that the world was our playground and that we were in control of our scrapes and bruises, we journeyed the pathway to success. Our business is a Christian-based TITLE and not only do we credit our success to God, but we find our strength and encouragement in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Therefore we in turn encourage you as our customers to follow your dreams and not allow anyone to derail you from your plans for success.

440 Barrett Parkway


Phone: 770-425-6202