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Boat Insurance

Keep Your Boat Afloat With A Boat Insurance Policy

Whether you own a small speedboat or a mega yacht, you can benefit from the coverage provided by Boat insurance. Boat insurance contains many of the same components Home and Auto insurance policies contain. Boat coverage offers protection if there is damage to the boat itself or other property.

This policy covers accidents as well as property damage. A boat policy is a form of liability coverage. If the policyholder causes death, injury or property damage as a result of an accident, the policy protects the person in the event of legal challenges. Without this protection in place a person risks losing their assets.

A policyholder does not have to worry about incurring much in out-of-pocket expenses when it comes to covering expenses resulting from an accident whether or not they are responsible for an accident.

If an accident, theft or any form of loss occurs, the benefits provided by this policy will be covered. Claims are filed whenever some form of loss happens. The repairs and damages are covered up to the total limits for the policy. Runabouts, cabin cruisers, sailboats, performance runabouts, sailboats and cabin cruisers are examples of types of plans covered under this type of policy.

There are two main types of policy options available. There is the agreed value and the actual cash value. The agreed version covers the boat based on the value of the vessel when the policy was originally created. The policy value never depreciates in the event of a total loss. The actual cash value policy requires less of an upfront investment, and the policy may depreciate. It will also cover the current cash value of the vessel if there is a loss.

Boat policies are a necessity for every boat owner. Keep your float afloat by obtaining coverage that is right for you and your watercraft.